Undercolor Agents

Combat hue infection



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Undercolor Agents is an arcade game for one to eight players (all can play on the same computer) where you control a group of special agents whose mission is to stop the hue infection that is spreading through the entire city.

Players start each level armed with a pistol, but can find many other weapons scattered throughout the setting, which itself can also be destroyed. Your aim is to annihilate the hue infection as soon as possible so that the color doesn't spread through the entire level.

When one of these color squares touches your character, you'll die within a few seconds. Luckily, if you're playing with friends, their characters can shoot the color square that is infecting you during the seconds right before you die. For this reason, among many others, Undercolor Agents is quite a lot more fun in multiplayer.

Undercolor Agents is a frenetic, action-filled arcade game where one to eight players can endlessly shoot color blocks while following a story line that is just as crazy as its gameplay.
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